Bimini Top – A canvas top supported by a frame that can be made of either aluminium or stainless steel. We custom fabricate the frame to fit your boat exactly the way it should. The frame can have three or four bows and can even be made in two pieces to accommodate special circumstances usually found only on sail boats (placement of winches, for example). Our biminis come with zippered pockets to ease the process of taking it on and off the frame. They are generally produced with Sunbrella and do well to add shade to your boat. This is widely considered a “must-have” by boaters in the Florida Sun.

» Dodger – These are tops that sit in front of the bimini on a sailboat and cover the entrance way to inside the cabin. They come in two varieties: the standard dodger which has the windows attached permanently and the California style in which the windows can be removed via zippers.

» Spray Hood – These are the powerboat’s answer to the dodger. They are attached to the front of the boat, usually covering a bow cushion and offering a spot of protection from both spray and sun. They can even have an enclosing piece of material added to allow for extra storage space.

» Navy Top – Similar to a bimini top, only it connects to the top of the windshield.

» T-Top – This top fits on a T Tower (we do not fabricate these) via rope. We lash our T-Tops until they are tight as a drum to prevent water collection. They are generally made of Sunbrella.

» Sun Shades – These tops are secondary tops that usually cover the back of a boat left out by the bimini. They can be attached to the bimini via an optional connector piece to create a seamless looking top from the front of the bimini to the back of your boat. They are supported by a frame similar to those that support biminis. They are generally made from Sunbrella.